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Connector board

How to use the 401 connector board?
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  • Dear Mr Petrov.

    The connector board (CB-PMD401) is intended to used during your evaluation or prototype phase. On the connector board you can stack an arbitrary number (max 128) of 401 drivers (PMD401-01B), depending on how many axis you need for your motion.

    For communicating between your PC and the 401 driver you will need to connect a power supply (105787-HK-ALL) and the USB-RS485 converter cable (107401) to the connector board.

    Finally you need to cennect a motor to the 401 driver. In the image above there is an LL06 which has an integrated encoder, hence 2 cables, motor and a sensor (encoder) cable.

    Download the DriveLab software here. and start playing around with the motor. 


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