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Power consumption

How much power do you need to run the drivers?

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  • Dear Frans,
    The power consumption when running LL10 at 1 kHz is about 4W. It scales with motor capacitance and approximately the stall force of the motor, e.g. 8W for LT20. The power mainly heats the electronics which may draw some overhead power of 0.5-2W per axis. The motors do not consume any power when standing still. The formula for cycling 4 capacitive motor phase are
    P = 4fCVU where C=motor capacitance, V=44V peak-to-peak and U=48V supply voltage. The LL10 has around 470 nF motor capacitance which gives P=4*1000*470E-9*44*48=4W. The capacitance of the motor increases around 7% per 10 degree increase in motor temperature.
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