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How do you find the index position?

How do you find the index position on an LL06 with encoder?
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  • Hello Tom.

    I will briefly explain where the index position is located on the drive rod.
    See image below:

    Nominal dimensions according to datasheet. LL06 Datasheet

    We have unfortunately no statistics available on the index position relative for example the LL06 mounting holes.
    The index location on the drive rod is within ±0,1mm, and the end of the metal adaptor is kept within ±0,5mm on the drive rod.
    With the addition of read head mounting tolerance my best estimation would be index position within ±1mm
    There might also be some hysteresis depending on what direction index is reached from.

    In the manual for the 401 driver (chapter 4.5 - Index Mode Command (N) ) you will find the commands you can use to find the index on the drive rod, please have a look here. PMD401 manual.

    Best regards.

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