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[PMD401]What is "Index Mode No.6 = zMODE"?

Firist, i sending command "X1N4" for set to index find mode.

And then, I send command "X1N" for check about index mode

I thought about In general case, it would return the string "X1N:4,1".

but controller has returned string "X1N:6,1"

What is "Index mode 6"? this mode is no contents in the manual.

I checked about the meaning of "index mode 6" using sending "X1N?"command.
The result returned "X1N:6,1, zMode".

what is 'zMode'?

Controller : PMD401
Motor : LL06A0-101M1G1E2

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  • Dear YoungBu Noh,
    The driver reports stop + reset position at index by value 2 + 4 = 6. You are right, this is not described in the manual. It would be more consistent to report N:4 or allow N6 as command.
    Best regards,

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